Rotorcraft Simulation with Heli-Dyn


Heli-Dyn is the perfect rotorcraft modeling and simulation tool for students and professionals.

It has a state-of-the-art Blade Element Model rotor model and many tools that makes modeling, simulation and analysis fast and easy, even if you are new to rotorcraft dynamics.

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Heli-Dyn Development Team

Aerotim Engineering

With Heli-Dyn you can,

  1. 1.Build Helicopter Math Models

  2. 2.Customize w/Model Libraries

  3. 3.Trim, Linearize

  4. 4.Simulate

  5. 5.Export into Matlab/Simulink, C++

  6. 6.Multi-rotor Modeling

  7. 7.Fly on Heli-Dyn Engineering Simulator

  8. 8.Run GPU based Ultra-High Performance Freewake Solver

About Heli-Dyn

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